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Welcome to Nationwide Management Services, Inc. Our services are supported by a unique and proprietary fully-automated inspection system. Our system allows our agents to contact and complete your requests much faster and more effective than our competitors. We ensure you get the right service and provide you with access to comprehensive reports so that our relationship is 100% transparent. Our goal is to maximize every dollar you spend with us and to enhance the overall loss mitigation experience with you as well as your customer.

Virtual Video Verification Site Inspections


Who we are:

Nationwide Management Services is a Veteran Owned company based in Arizona since 2005 with over 8,000 certified field inspectors. Our virtual video site inspection will provide you with information to mitigate risk and fraud, verify and validate bank statements, the legitimacy of a business when establishing a new online merchant account. NMSI will provide a custom detailed report of the merchants business operation, including facial recognition and interior/exterior photos of the business.


How we do it:

  • No set up fee
  • No app to download
  • Date and timed stamped photos
  • Same day turn-around nationwide
  • Real time photos and video recording
  • Location verified by longitude /latitude


 Industries we service:

  • Merchant Cash Advanced Providers
  • Commercial Lenders
  • Medical Providers & Suppliers
  • Home Improvement Lenders


The “virtual” part of the inspection is the technology we use to capture the data and images of the business in real time while we have the applicant on the phone with our representative.  The “interview” with the applicant uses live video streaming and image capture technology to evaluate the visually inspect the business and assets and convert such data and images into a final report. These images are instantly downloaded into the report and a final product is ready for client review when the interview is completed.


  • Collaborate seamlessly across platforms with remote access software.
  • Our virtual software is optimized for excellent video quality (QoS), latency, data usage and affordability across any device used by our workforce while adhering to enterprise-grade security and privacy.
  • It runs on platforms like Android, iOS, desktop web app, and smart glass APK. It empowers all the workers via the devices having remote access tool to improve customer satisfaction.

In our line of business, site verifications are very important as they allow us to confirm that companies are up and running before we move forward with any offers. On the previous process the visits took days to be completed, which delayed the funding to our clients. In the search for better options to provide our customers with a better service, Nationwide Management Services presented us with a new application called Live Video Streaming that gave us the following:


  • Real time pictures of establishments
  • Exact location of where the pictures are being taken
  • 2-hour turnaround service (as opposed to a 3 day)
  • Allowed us to perform face recognition of client requesting assistance
  • Live video recording


I strongly recommend this application! We were able to complete our verification in a matter of hours as opposed to days. Thank you, Nationwide Management Services, for helping us speed up our process as well as increasing our client satisfaction.

J. Vega
Director of Funding Operations



The NMSI virtual inspectors will verify the following:

  • Signage
  • Lighting
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Data Security
  • Driver’s license
  • Hours of Operation
  • Overall condition of the property
  • Proper business and professional licensing
  • Verification of insurance and bond coverage’s

I am honored to write this letter of recommendation for John Marsh and Nationwide MSI. He and his company have offered us state-of-the-art technology for all of our Branch inspection needs. Their computer software makes it simple to request, complete, and download reports at any time.


PRMI chooses to do business with John because his team has provided us with high customer service, efficient timeframes on deadlines, user-friendly software, and live video streaming among many other reasons.


G. Castillo
Administrative Assistant I Licensed MLO



Our Virtual Merchant Inspections are easy and save you time.

Verify in just three steps.


  1. Login to administrator and send merchant the unique virtual link
  2. Once accepted, instruct the merchant to show you what you need
  3. Once photos are captured, you can use them in your report or attach to your application and send to be verified and qualified

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Nationwide Management Services, Inc. John Marsh, President and NMSI has been completing virtual site inspections for 6th Avenue Capital and we couldn’t be happier. The speed and accuracy of the virtual site inspection feature has made our funding process much more efficient. With our previous site inspection company, it would take up to three days for them to send out a representative to complete an inspection. With NMSI, if the merchant is available, the inspection can be completed and uploaded to the system within five minutes. This feature has allowed us to fund more merchants with quickness and precision.


The NMSI system is user friendly but can also be customized to make orders specific to each job. After constructing a template, ordering inspections is very simple and can be done in a matter of seconds. I feel confident in recommending NMSI’s site inspection services. John is not only thorough but also easy to work with and always willing to put forth great efforts to complete inspections before our deadlines.


T. Weisberg
Funding Coordinator